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Diversity and Avoiding Conflict in Project Team - 1415 Words

Diversity and Avoiding Conflict PM/582 Executive Summary Understanding the organizations diversity, and successfully identify and handle conflict within a team environment is necessary to the success of all projects. The project leader must have the appropriate skill set to successfully understand how to lead diverse teams and identify, lead conflict in a positive manner and communicate appropriately to our customers. We want to ensure that our customers are receiving what product that they have requested. The project leader will also ensure the customer is full satisfied with all status updates and agrees with the timelines the project team has assembled. We want to ensure that the project team and the customer†¦show more content†¦Components of effective conflict resolution skill set are (5 Keys Of Dealing With Workplace Conflict, 2012): 1. Define acceptable behavior, such as creating a team charter that outlines what is okay and what is not okay. 2. Hit conflict head-on, it is not always possible to avoid conflicts, but don’t ignore it. Ignoring the conflict will allow it to build into something larger and could become larger. It is important to take a step back and identify and understand the conflict at that moment. 3. Understand the WIIFM factor. WIIFM stands for â€Å"What’s in it for me†. It is important to understand each person’s motivation so you can quickly address any potential conflicts that might arise. 4. The importance factor, pick you battles. Somethings don’t really matter, so take a look at the importance and the overall impact. By quickly addressing something small now, may prevent a larger conflict in the future. 5. View conflict as an opportunity. Conflict can offer many advantages for teaching and learning within the project team. It is important that as the project leader, you help navigate through the conflict and turn it into a positive learning opportunity for the team. Strategies to promote success The project leade r needs to understand strategies to promote success within the project team. They are responsible to ensure that the team works together andShow MoreRelatedDiversity and Avoiding Conflict Pm 5821086 Words   |  5 PagesDiversity and Avoiding Conflict PM/581 Diversity and Avoiding Conflict JPMorgan Chase is a leading financial institution throughout the world. Purchasing Bank One Corp. for $58 billion created a need for new software for both companies after a successful merger. Bank One officially merged with Chase Bank in 2004. The merged entity ranked as the number two financial institution in hot pursuit of Citigroup’s number one position (JPMorgan Chase Co., 2004). With this project spearheadingRead MoreLDR 531 Week 3 Quiz Essay1601 Words   |  7 Pagesdepartment. Which of the following is most likely to be the best form of communication for communicating this plan? Oral communication Grapevine communication Written communication Nonverbal communication 5 The ________ view of conflict focuses on productive resolution of conflicts. transactional managed interactionist rational 6 The informal communication network in an organization is determined by organization based on clear and factual information characterized by ambiguity rooted in issuesRead MoreYoung Adults Ministry Of Good Church975 Words   |  4 PagesYoung Adults ministry in Good church has a plan to have a project, whose title is â€Å"Seeking Hope, Peace, and Unity.† The most important issues for Korean young adults are hope and peace as they are suffering to find out hope and peace in their lives. In this view, the project focuses on finding out what hope is today and how to bring forth hope today with having interreligious dialogues. The project has four steps to have collaboration with inter-religious professionals and leaders. The major religionsRead MoreThe Contingency Theory Of Task Conflict And Performance1058 Words   |  5 Pagesthe team to refocus without fear. An additional way that I could have mitigated the conflict issues would be to apply the knowledge gained from the study of the Contingency Theory of Task Conflict and Performance. The inventory team did experience the mixed-motive conflict based on their vast backgrounds and biased opinions. The team showed symptoms of the â€Å"we are better than them† bias based on the multiple levels of the organization that was present in the group. Additionally, the team alsoRead MoreDuring Edps 315, I Have Found Three Lessons That Are Most1729 Words   |  7 Pageshave found three lessons that are most relevant to me, based on my predicted future career. The first lesson was the topic of motivation. Secondly, I chose to pick emotional regulation and stress management. The last lesson I chose was cultural diversity at the workplace. Since these topics are all very important in STEM majors, especially engineering, I optimistically went on to preparing the interview. These lessons became the fuel for interview questions that I would ask the professional in myRead MoreManagerial Skills : The Basic Principles Of Management Essay1221 Words   |  5 Pagesorganization that includes conceptual, technical, human, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, systems thinking, political savvy, continuous learning, and managing diversity. Conceptual skills: justice, fairness, the difference between right and wrong, legitimacy, truth equal opportunity, and valuing and appreciating diversity are examples of human conceptualizations that is their definitions are not universally defined because they do not exist in nature as a tangible object. But are in ourRead MoreSafety Specialist At Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp1585 Words   |  7 Pagesminimum of 2 audits per week for which are then captured into a log sheet and graph to be later communicated to our corporate safety department. Once they have received the information it is then sent out to all upper management that is involved in the project I am on. I am also tasked with compiling this information and putting together a short presentation to share with management and the contractor’s onsite. I do this by making a short power point presentation with audit findings and room for improvementRead MoreWorkplace Diversity Of The Workplace965 Words   |  4 PagesJob’s face many struggles and challenges each and every day. Workplace diversity is something which is being talked about the most here lately. Out breaks of minimum wage, sexualities, gender, and even your skin color affects what diversity a business would want. Within the business, the professional level is set pretty high due to the superior designers making us able to dress well fashioned. When people step into a business they do not want someone that is going to walk in with a t-shirt and gymRead MoreGroup Dynamics And Work Teams1394 Words   |  6 Pagesand Work Teams After analyzing Chapter 10, Group Dynamics and Work Teams, the new concept that was taken from it was the model of Group Development. As a professional engineer, I have been a part of multiple teams that were given the task of creative projects. As every project experiences their different problems, ours did the same. The teams were successful in the end, but of course, the journey to those successes were extremely difficult. Through the tough patches of the projects, the modelRead MoreTeam Conflict Development : Team Dynamics Theories1788 Words   |  8 Pagesreview of team conflict development, team dynamics theories in support of conflict competence, and provide abilities to effectively diagnose and address conflicts as they arise Introduction on the background of the conflict management One of the major contributors to the study of conflict management is The Thomas–Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKIâ„ ¢). The instrument was created to a developed assist to help organizations in manger conflict. Thomas–Kilmann worked on this project for more than

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